We can 3D print solid, 100% dense, precise, and strong metal objects at a lower cost than our competitors.

We are using Selective Powder Deposition (SPD) 3D printing process, which was developed by our close partner. Right now we are finalizing the process parameters and sorcing the metal powders of the required purity, sphericity and size. We will start offering 3D printing service to the public in the near future. At first we will start printing in bronze and copper-nickel alloys. Many other metals will follow, including brass, inconel, and titanium alloys.

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What’s the shrinkage?

There is no shrinkage. The metal powder is not sintered, but infused with infill metal. So, the size and shape are preserved.

What’s the tensile strength?

SPD doesn’t reduce the strength in any way. The metal microstructure is identical to the casting. So the strength of the printed objects is determined solely by the type and quality of the metals used.

Is there any post-processing required?

Yes, but much less than with other metal printing technolgies. If the part need to be smooth and precise, it would need to be machined and polished.

Where can I buy the consumables? (metal powders, support powders, infill metal, and crucibles)

The Atomwell Shop. We are working to acquire and supply high quality, tested stock of all materials you might want to use with your SPD printer. Many of these materials are made custom for us.

What are the practical applications for SPD?

There are many:

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